Strictly for my friends

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I hate to do this. But I'm having to. I dont have a choice!

I love blogging and I have so many blog friends that I've lost count.

All of you come by and ask me where I've disappeared to. Believe me, I dont want to disappear...just have been forced to.

Demanding professional life, demanding personal life...leaves me with precious little time for my virtual life.

I dont even get time to check my mails. Yet, when I sit back and think about how I used to blog and orkut every day, I feel as if its all a distant dream!

In my last post I complained about having no time. The problem persists.

This post, I have to say goodbye. For I feel I let down all you great people out there who I have met virtually and would love to meet in real life too. I guess some things are just not to be.

So this is the final ciao. Goodbye, adios, tata, alvida!

This is me signing off.

Strictly for all my fabulous blog friends!