Strictly for my friends

Friday, August 18, 2006


Havent posted for a looong time. I was spending my time greiving. And I had an excellent reason.

Okay, this may sound a bit stupid, but I was grieving my dear Orkut being blocked at work. Considering the fact, that I'm sitting in front of the computer for over nine hours a day...hey...I need some entertainment too!

But that was, ofcourse, no to be!! It was too good to be true! So there went Orkut and all the chatting with other friends who were equally bekaar (that means jobless ;)! ) and bored! They even blocked the proxy sites! How mean!!!!

Siiigh!!!! Such is life!

My life has been so boring besides. There's nothing to even write about!

Monday, August 07, 2006

I had the most adventurous Sunday in a long time yesterday!

I was fast asleep. It was nearly nine. My cell phone rang loud and clear and I answered groggily, "Helloo"? It was an old friend of mine from University. He was in town for about a week for a holiday and he had an "odd" favour to ask of me. I was slowly waking up. What was it that he wanted, anyway?

"I've decided to get married today. Will you please come down and sign as witness?" That was enough to jolt me out of sleep. "Whaaat? Are you kidding me?" I couldnt believe what I was hearing! He had just decided on a sudden impulse that he wanted to get married to his long standing girlfriend and I was to trudge all the way to Barrackpore(which happens to be quite a huge distance from my place) and the time for the auspicious event was given to me as "Now!"

From asleep to awake, bathed and dressed, I took all of 20 minutes! And I was on my way to the station. I had to travel half an hour by local train to get there! And I had never been on a local train in my life!! Enough to scare anyone, right?

But I am proud to say that I bravely bought a ticket, not even knowing which train I was to board and following instructions, I made it! The whole journey was an adventure of sorts for me!

Then came the actual signing, which made me nervous as hell, even though I just had to sign as witness. And then clelebratory lunch! It was all so much fun! The secrecy(he didnt inform his parents), the all new location, and seeing two people who were very much in love and so happy too!!

Even though I had to travel an hour and a half both ways to get there and back...I am so glad I did! I would do it again! Anyday!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Today, when I came to work, there was an uproar in office. Everyone seemed to be busily copying a certain number in their phones from one another. I was curious.

Upon asking, I was informed it was a "bhoot-er number" (number of a ghost) and if I knew any better, I would take it down too! Now why, you would ask. Well, apparently, it was the number of a young girl who was killed. Her "ghost" calls random people (especially women, don't ask me why!!!) after midnight and foretells the future. "She" can even tell one accurately what happened in the past!

No mean ghost! And a knowledgeble one, at that! But wait! It does not end there! The next day, the women fall ill and subsequently, many of them die!!!! Wow! Now, that's what I call a story!

Everyone was like, "Copy it, yaar! Who knows you might be the next one!" with scared glints in their eyes. One colleague even dragged me to her desk and showed me a powerpoint presentation she had on ghost pics! I had a good laugh, I can assure you!

What's with the silly superstitions? Okay, so there might be spirits! Even ghosts! But who the hell heard of tech savvy ghosts making calls and killing people after that!? End result: Pandemonium!

I just didn't know what to say! Do I call it silly? Do I call it superstitious? Or do I call it plain and simple mob mentality? One saves it...scared...and the rest follow suit!

Hey...leave me out of this....please!!!!!! :)